Metrics and Data

When we read about the Open Company movement, we immediately knew that we wanted to be part of it. Transparancy matters a lot to us, it creates trust between us and our partners. We think that everyone working with us, as a customer, a partner or an employee, should have a clear understanding of our growth stage.

That's why this page shows all the main metrics of our company. They are mainly focused on the accounting aspects. It contains data too about the company structure. We tried to be exhaustive but if you would like to see other charts, feel free to contact us.

Last update: 01/07/2024

Revenue by month

It's the money we billed (emitted invoices) by month.

Revenue by quarter

It's the money we billed by quarter (3 months).

Revenue by year

It's the money we billed by year (12 months).

Monthly Hosting Reccuring Revenues

This chart shows how much money we would get each month if all our subscriptions were flatten on 12 months (we sell mainly yearly subscriptions).

Number of Customers

It's the sum of all our customers that still have a subscription running. Open source users are not included into this count.

Cash flow

Money in the bank

The amount of money we have in our bank account (it gives an idea of how much time we can survive without revenue).

Number of employees


Salaries are equivalent of French "net". They don't include taxes.

Cap Table

It's the shares repartition between owners.


Our servers

We run our servers on OVH public cloud. We spent €4726 in servers last month.

Our tools

You can see here the cost of our products.